MindMax Evaluation – consent form

QUT Ethics Approval Number 1600001227

The purpose of this project is to learn if this application is impacting on users’ wellbeing, how the app is being used, and how improvements might be made. This app has been developed in collaboration with Queensland University of Technology (QUT), University of Sydney, and the Australian Football League Players’ Association (AFLPA).

To participate in this study you need to be:

  • An Australian resident.
  • Aged 16 years and up.
  • Wishing to use the MindMax application.

This research study has been developed in collaboration with QUT and AFLPA. This project is funded by the Movember Foundation.

The researcher team who would have access to your data include:
QUT Science and Engineering Faculty
Prof Daniel Johnson
Dr Bernd Ploderer
Dr Kellie Vella
Ms Nikki Peever (PhD student)
The Mind Room
Dr Jo Mitchell
Brain and Mind Centre, University of Sydney
Tracey Davenport
Vanessa Wan Sze Cheng
Western University of Sydney
Amanda Third

As you use the app you will come across questions that ask you to rate different modules. Some examples include:

Rate this module (5 star rating)
Would you recommend it? (thumbs up/thumbs neutral/thumbs down)

Additionally, if you use the Fit Minds module you will be asked questions about your current wellbeing. Some examples include:

How happy do you feel most of the time? (response range from ‘Extremely unhappy’ to ‘Extremely happy’)
In general, how satisfied are you with your diet (response range from ‘Not at all satisfied’ to ‘Completely satisfied’)

Your answering of these questions is entirely voluntary and not answering them won’t impact on your ability to access further content. If you wish to participate in this study, any responses you make will be shared with the researchers listed above.

In addition, your site usage (for example, when you use the app, what modules you open, etc.) will also be shared with the researchers. Your use of the community feed (the part of the module where you can post content in the form of words or pictures, as well as comment and ‘like’ other users’ posts) may also be shared with the researchers.

If you agree to participate you do not have to complete any questions you are uncomfortable answering. Your decision to participate or not participate will in no way impact upon your current or future relationship with QUT (for example, your grades) or the AFLPA (for example, club membership). If you do agree to participate you can withdraw from the project without comment or penalty by contacting one of the research team. In this case, your responses will be excluded from further collection.

There are minimal risks associated with your participation in this project. While some of the questions ask you about your current wellbeing, you can choose to skip over these questions. For example, should you be experiencing low wellbeing there is a small chance that asking you to reflect on your wellbeing will cause you experience negative emotions. However, this risk is minimised by making all of your answers optional.

In addition, QUT provides for limited free psychology, family therapy or counselling services (face-to-face only) for research participants of QUT projects who may experience discomfort or distress as a result of their participation in the research. Should you wish to access this service please call the Clinic Receptionist on 07 3138 0999 (Monday–Friday only 9am–5pm), QUT Psychology and Counselling Clinic, 44 Musk Avenue, Kelvin Grove, and indicate that you are a research participant.

Alternatively, Lifeline provides access to online, phone or face-to-face support, call 13 11 14 for 24-hour telephone crisis support. For young people aged between 5 and 25, you can also call the Kids Helpline on 1800 551 800. You can also find these resources listed within the app itself in the Menu on the Additional Support page.

If you wish to participate in this study, any responses you make within the app, your app usage (for example, what modules you open, etc.), your use of the community feed (for example, when you ‘like’ other users’ posts and any content you post) will be collected in a potentially re-identifiable form. The research team will have access to the data, but will de-identify it prior to analysis. No identifiable information will be published.

Thus, while you supply your personal details on sign up, this is not used to identify your data during analysis. All comments and responses are anonymous and will be treated confidentially unless required by law. The names of individual persons are not required in any of the responses.

Any data collected as part of this project will be stored securely as per QUT’s Management of Research Data policy.  Please note that non-identifiable data from this project may be used as comparative data in future projects or stored on an open access database for secondary analysis. The project is funded by the Movember Foundation, but they will not have access to the data obtained during the project.

It is expected that this project will not directly benefit you. However, it will inform the further development of this app and may inform the development of other apps that seek to increase wellbeing at both an individual and community level. You will not be compensated for your time, because we do not wish you to use the app differently than people who do not participate.

If you consent to sharing your responses with the researchers listed, please click on the checkbox below that says ‘I agree’.

If you do not agree to participate in this project, you can continue to use the app as you wish, and your responses will not be shared with these researchers.

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact one of the researchers listed below.

Nikki Peever n.peever@hdr.qut.edu.au
Kellie Vella kellie.vella@qut.edu.au
Daniel Johnson dm.johnson@qut.edu.au 07 3138 9263

QUT is committed to research integrity and the ethical conduct of research projects.  However, if you do have any concerns or complaints about the ethical conduct of the project you may contact the QUT Research Ethics Advisory Team on 07 3138 5123 or email ethicscontact@qut.edu.au. The QUT Research Ethics Advisory Team is not connected with the research project and can facilitate a resolution to your concern in an impartial manner. Please use the reference number 1600001227.

I have read and understood the information regarding this project, and know that I can download a copy of the consent form here http://tiny.cc/MindMax

  • I have had any questions answered to my satisfaction
  • I understand that if I have any additional questions that you can contact the research team.
  • I understand that I am free to withdraw without comment or penalty.
  • I understand that if I have concerns about the ethical conduct of the project I can contact the Research Ethics Advisory Team on 07 3138 5123 or email humanethics@qut.edu.au.
  • I understand that non-identifiable data from this project may be used as comparative data in future projects.

0 I agree to participate in this project
0 I do not agree to participate in this project

0 Separate to this, I agree to being contacted via email so that I can learn about other opportunities to participate in MindMax research